Stationery Gifts

So many people we talk to confess a love for stationery as if it's a dark secret, but it's no secret why it makes such a great gift. Stationery gifts will be in your recipient's hands on a daily basis, indispensable to getting the job done and constant reminder of the relationship you are trying to build.

These pieces individually make lovely choices, but even better when combined to make stationery gift sets for the workaholics most important to your business.

The Workaholic Gift Set

From £50

The Finishing Touches, Pencils, Rulers, Clips & Sharpeners

From £6

British Made Hardback Notebook in Sunshine Yellow Linen

From £15

No need to be restricted to notebooks and pens. Why shouldn't every piece on your desk be special? Bespoke photo etched paperclips, pencils, trinket trays and paperweights will create a gift that show just how valued the recipient is.  

Marble Print, Gilt Edged Notebook and Compact Fountain Pen in 'Macchiato'

From £15

Stationery Gift Sets

From £25

Hexagon Brass Pen with Leather Sleeve

From £25

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