Sustainable Gifts

Sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of what we do at Gilded Bee. All our gifts are focused on making people feel great, whilst limiting their impact on the environment. Here are few of the most popular gifts for enabling recipients to lead more sustainable lives.

The brands we’ve chosen to work with such as Frank Green and Paper Republic aren’t just lovely to look at they are also hard-hitting in the functionality stakes, if it's not in your recipients' hands day-in, day-out then it's not really doing it's job. Most pieces have the option to co-brand to really bring the gift to life.

Frank Green Re-Usable Cup

From £20

Joco Glass Re-Useable cup

From £26

Chilly's Insulated Water Bottle

From £20

Copper Water Bottle

From £45

Windowsill Herb Garden

From £30

Leather Journal Cover With Replaceable Notebook Inserts

From £48

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